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NZ On A Plate

August, 2017

Brett McGregor came to visit and whipped up a stunning cherry Tomato and Salmon dish. Have a go yourself, you won't be disappointed!

20161214 NZOAP - EP 11 Auckland from Mike Kelland on Vimeo.

NEW | Manuka Tom®

March, 2017

MANUKA TOM by NZ Hothouse

NZ Hothouse proudly present our newest product Manuka Tom. These cherry tomatoes have a significantly higher brix level than standard cherry toms... so this means they are naturally super sweet!

Ideal for any use... (snack straight from the punnet if you wish!)

Try them today!

Exclusive to Countdown Supermarkets.

NZ Hothouse gives Prostate Cancer the finger!

September, 2015

NZ Hothouse is a proud sponsor of The Prostate Cancer Foundation and their Blue September Campaign. This year we displayed the PCF's impressive artwork on our billboard in Karaka... reaching an impressive 22,000 cars per day! We also had the back of one of our trucks branded up in the Waikato region to spread the word. Make a difference today - Make a donation: http://prostate.org.nz/make-donation/

The Prostate Cancer Foundation is a registered charity (no CC30635) and receives no Government funding. All funding comes by way of donations, grants and proceeds from fundraising activities and events across New Zealand. Making a donation to the Foundation assists us in our Mission

  • “to provide an environment empowering men to make informed decisions about the diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer.”

Have you, or your loved one been checked? For more information, head on over to: http://prostate.org.nz

StrawberryTom wins NZ Food Awards Category

September, 2015

This year, NZ Hothouse made it's first entry in the NZ Food Awards. StrawberryTom, our specialty cherry tomato was entered and won!!! StrawberryToms are available Nationwide at your local supermarkets and leading retailers.

New coloured cherry Oceanic Range

September, 2015

Brand new to NZ Hothouse’s cherry tomato line-up is our Oceanic range. Vibrant and revitalizing these little gems add a vitality kick to any meal – and look good doing it! Roasted, sautéed or eaten raw Oceanic Orange and Yellow cherry tomatoes will help you create Master Chef-esque meals at home. Ask for them at your local supermarket or grocer today.