We're sure you have questions, here's a list of some you might ask...

Are any of our products Genetically Modified (GM, GMO)?


None of our tomatoes grown or marketed by NZ Hothouse Ltd originate from Genetically Modified (GM) seeds or plants.

Do we irradiate our tomatoes?


We do not irradiate any of the produce we grow. Irradiation is the exposure of produce to the radioactive material Cobalt 60. This is a process used on Australian tomatoes to kill or sterilize insects. The long term health issues associated with this process are unknown.

Are we organic?


To be organic it is a requirement to grow in the soil. We grow in mediums that include coco fibre and Rockwool.

How do we pollinate our crops on the glasshouse?

We introduced bumble bees to the glasshouse (some 25,000 of them) to naturally pollinate our crops, as nature intended.

What is IPM?

IPM or integrated pest management is the introduction of predator (good bugs) insects to the crop that seek out and destroy (eat) the bad bugs. This enables us to minimise the use of harsh agrichemicals.

Is NZ Hothouse produce spray free?

At NZ Hothouse our main weapon of choice is bumble bees, ‘the good guys get the bad guys’. We actively avoid harsh agrichemicals as they endanger our beneficial insects and our bumble bees. If we have to spray insect pests, we use soft sprays like plant soap, a coconut based spray that sticks the insects wings together so that they can’t fly. These sprays have a mechanical rather than physiological effect on the pests and are completely harmless to humans.

Should you store Tomatoes in the refrigerator?


Keep them stored in a cool dry place. Refrigeration destroys the cells within the Tomato which effects the texture and makes the fruit watery and flavourless.

Where are NZ Hothouse Tomatoes sold?

NZ Hothouse Tomatoes are available in all leading retail stores. In particular look for Vintage Harvest and Pure Red branded fruit. You will also find NZ Hothouse produce in many of the fast food branded products throughout the country.

What does vine ripened mean?

NZ Hothouse Tomatoes are all ripened on the vine, just as nature intended. Tomatoes ripened this way have superior texture, flavour and shelf life.

What health benefits do Tomatoes have?

Tomatoes are a great natural source of Vitamins A,C, K, folate and potassium. They are also naturally low in sodium, saturated fat and calories. Tomatoes are an excellent source of Lycopene in our diets.

Is your packaging recyclable?


All of our punnets are made out of PET Plastic or Recycled PET Plastic and can be put in your household recycling bins.

Our bagged or plastic wrapped products can be recycled at most major supermarkets and retailers through the Soft Plastics Recycling Scheme. To learn more about this, go to: https://www.recycling.kiwi.nz/solutions/soft-plastics/

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