Fresh Growing
Sustainability & Environment
NZ Hothouse prides itself on producing the best produce in the most energy efficient and environmentally friendly manner, through world-class technology and sustainable production methods.

Glasshouse farming is inherently energy-intensive, capturing solar power to extend crop seasons. NZ Hothouse embraces fully hydroponic production methods for sustainable growth.

Bio Technology

As a global leader, NZ Hothouse features on-site beneficial insect breeding programs, combating pests and diseases using nature-based solutions instead of chemical treatments.

Computer Technology

Sophisticated computer technology is integral to our operations. Sensors collect vast amounts of data around the clock, informing centralized control systems for optimal management.

The Environment

We continuously explore and implement eco-conscious products and systems to boost productivity while minimizing environmental impact, preserving our planet for future generations.

Good bug story
When it comes to looking after our produce, we use predatory insects for pest control.
Known as beneficials, they’re the good guys of the insect world who actively seek out and eliminate pests that may damage our plants.
This means we avoid the use of harsh chemicals, resulting in the best quality and tastiest tomatoes in New Zealand. So next time you’re shopping ask for NZ Hothouse tomatoes.