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Recycling of Packaging

NZ Hothouse has a policy that all packaging used throughout the business needs to be reusable or recyclable and preferably made from recycled materials.

  • All export and food service produce are supplied in 100%
  • All produce is picked into 100% reusable crates recyclable cardboard packaging
  • New Zealand retailers are all supplied by NZHH in reusable crates
  • All plastic punnets used are 100% recyclable
  • All of NZ HH’s cherry tomatoes are supplied in recycled plastic punnets.
  • All plastic trays have been replaced by 100% recyclable cardboard
  • All of NZHH’s soft plastic wraps and bags are 100% recyclable
  • All of our telegraph cucumber wraps are 100% recyclable
  • NZ Hothouse is a proud member of the Packaging Forum. The Forum actively promotes the use of recyclable plastics and provides the public with recycling drop off points throughout New Zealand.
  • NZ Hothouse actively looks for commercial uses of the recycled plastic products throughout the business.
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Waste minimisation and natural resource saving
  • 70% of our water is harvested rainwater from our glasshouse roofs
  • All cardboard used in the business is recycled
  • Green waste is composted
  • Run-off water is spread onto our pasture
  • Any produce that doesn’t make the grade is fed to our cattl
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NZ Hothouse’s Growing Philosophy

NZ Hothouse is committed to a program of sustainable horticulture.

  • Absolutely no GMO material is grown or used at NZ Hothouse
  • Every fruit has been naturally pollinated by bumblebees (the way nature intended)
  • All of our produce is naturally ripened on the vines
  • IPM (integrated pest management) using “good insects” to combat the baddies
  • We use sticky traps and natural plant-based soaps to deal with problem insects.
  • All of our produce is hand-picked
  • We use only clean-burning natural gas to keep our crops warm in the winter
  • By collecting CO2 it helps our plants to grow big and strong
  • Water vapour is the only substance we release into the atmosphere
  • No unnatural or foreign additives are used in any of the processes at NZ Hothouse
How to Recycle NZHH Products

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