We're big on sustainability
We have a responsibility and opportunity to do our part, to limit the impact on the planet for future generations. We must find sustainable solutions that allow us to continue growing high-quality produce to supply New Zealand with the best.
We regularly investigate new sustainable technologies and solutions within our growing and packaging operations. Long term survival in a modern business requires constant change and adaption. NZ Hothouse’s longevity is a direct function of its ability to adapt and thrive. As we continue this sustainability journey, we have many more solutions to tick off the list.
What we're currently doing
We currently use many sustainable methods that limit our impact on the environment.
Although we have a lot of work to continue doing we believe it’s important to recognise the great work that has already been done, such as sustainable watering methods, compost all green waste, as well as offering a 100% recyclable range for our customers to shop easily, knowing they’re making the right decisions for the environment.
Waste minimisation and natural resource saving
  • 70% of our water is harvested rainwater from our glasshouse roofs

  • All cardboard used in the business is recycled

  • Green waste is composted

  • Run-off water is spread onto our pasture

  • Tomatoes and cucumbers are picked and placed into reusable crates

  • We are partners with Rescued Kitchen, any waste stream fruit is collected and upcycled

Recycling of Packaging
NZ Hothouse has a policy that all packaging used throughout the business needs to be reusable or recyclable and preferably made from recycled materials.
  • All export and food service produce are supplied in 100% recyclable packaging

  • All produce is picked into 100% reusable crates

  • New Zealand retailers are all supplied by NZHH in reusable crates

  • All plastic punnets used are 100% recyclable and made from recycled materials

  • All of NZ HH’s cherry tomatoes are supplied in recycled plastic punnets.

  • All plastic trays have been replaced by 100% recyclable cardboard

  • We offer cherry tomatoes inside a 100% recyclable cardboard box

  • All of NZHH’s soft plastic wraps and bags are 100% recyclable

  • All of our telegraph cucumber wraps are 100% recyclable

  • NZ Hothouse is a proud member of the Packaging Forum. The forum actively promotes the use of recyclable plastics and provides the public with recycling drop off points throughout New Zealand.

  • NZ Hothouse actively looks for commercial uses of the recycled plastic products throughout the business.

  • All cardboard and recyclable materials used on-site are recycled

Our growing philosophy
NZ Hothouse is committed to a program of sustainable horticulture.
  • Absolutely no GMO material is grown or used at NZ Hothouse

  • Every fruit has been naturally pollinated by bumblebees (the way nature intended)

  • All of our produce is naturally ripened on the vines

  • IPM (integrated pest management) using “good insects” to combat the baddies

  • We use sticky traps and natural plant-based soaps to deal with problem insects.

  • All of our produce is hand-picked

  • We use only clean-burning natural gas to keep our crops warm in the winter

  • By collecting CO2 it helps our plants to grow big and strong

  • Water vapour is the only substance we release into the atmosphere

  • No unnatural or foreign additives are used in any of the processes at NZ Hothouse

What we're working on
As tidy Kiwis, we continually explore new ideas and solutions to grow tomatoes and cucumbers sustainably.
Several trials take place to ensure they’re the right fit for our business. Currently, we have a few projects on the go, such as eliminating plastic from our crop waste, heating options for the glasshouse and packaging updates.
Sustainable changes
  • Trialling a compostable twine as a replacement product for the plastic string used to hold the crop up

  • Biobased truss clip replacement, eliminating the need for a plastic truss clip. The truss clip is there to provide support to the crop reducing the risk for a truss to kink, limiting the nutrients that the fruit would receive.

  • Re-using or finding an alternative solution for the steel hooks that hold our crop up

  • Exploring alternative heating options

  • Biofuel burner as an alternative heating option

  • Introducing Co2 separately as the crops need Co2 for healthy growth

Future goals
As a business, we want to continue pushing boundaries and looking for new ways to reduce our footprint on the environment. We want to share with our customers what we’re currently doing and the importance of long-term goals. We have set some significant goals, and guess what… we’re not afraid of a challenge.
100% RPET Punnets

All clamshell punnets made from 100% recycled content.

Note, currently we are 50% recycled content.

100% Plastic free Crop Waste

All twine and clips used in our glasshouse are compostable, meaning all crop waste can be diverted from landfill.

Composting Waste

Compost all growing waste on site.

Clean Energy

Find a clean energy source that is commercial viable.

We will continue to work on these projects and keep you in the loop with any updates. Sustainability is important to NZ Hothouse and we know it is important to our customers. Enjoy our fresh tomatoes and cucumbers feeling good knowing we’re playing our part in creating a more sustainable future for New Zealand. Let’s make a happy and healthy planet for future generations.