Buying Future Post's posts!
News / News, 3 May 23
Future Post recycles soft plastics into long-lasting, eco-friendly farm posts.

Future Post is a company that is recycling single-use plastics to make fence posts for your farm.

We at NZ Hothouse are proud to get behind this company. There are many benefits when opting to use Future Posts farm posts. Not only is it beneficial for repurposing single-use plastics, but they operate in the same way as a wooden post would, if not better! There is no rotting or splitting; it's UV stable and has 50+ years of life expectancy -which is double (or more than double) your average wooden farm post. These posts are also organic and farm-friendly. CCA-free, therefore there is no leaching of CCA into the soil. This an eco-friendly choice that we are excited to be a part of!

For more information, or if you want to purchase your own posts from Future Post, click the link below.