CHEP Sustainability Certificate Awarded to NZ Hothouse
News / Sustainability, 3 Oct 23
CHEP award NZ Hothouse with a sustainability certificate

NZ Hothouse has many sustainable methods; one of these methods is collecting rainwater from our glasshouse roofs. This collected water accounts for about 70% of our water supply needed for our crops. Additionally, we actively work to reduce our carbon footprint through CHEP Reusable Plastic Containers (RPCs), also known as crates, saving* the environment up to 869 tonnes in carbon emissions, 314 tonnes in waste and 23,992 in water usage saved. We will continue to do our bit to better the environment!
*Environmental impacts communicated in this Sustainability Certificate are calculated using Life Cycle Assessment studies. CHEP LCAs are independently peer-reviewed and ISO 14044 compliant. Sustainability data and calculation methods are assured as part of Brambles’ Sustainability Review.