Compostable String Trial
News / News, 22 May 23
We're on a mission to divert waste from landfills.

NZ Hothouse is fully committed to creating a sustainable future. Our team is diligently working on a range of tasks, and our current priority is the elimination of plastic twine in the glasshouse. We understand the crucial role that twine plays in supporting crops, so we are undertaking rigorous trials to ensure its replacement meets the required standards. This change is of utmost importance, as any issues with the new twine could jeopardise the integrity of the crops. Once we determine the most suitable alternative, we will swiftly implement the transition.

By eliminating plastic twine, we will make a significant contribution to reducing green waste that ends up in landfills. Currently, this waste is contaminated with plastic, making it unsuitable for other disposal methods. However, by removing plastic from the equation, we can divert a substantial amount of waste from landfills and promote a more sustainable approach.

We are thrilled about this upcoming change and eagerly anticipate its successful implementation. We will keep you updated on our progress and share our achievements along the way. Together, let's build a greener future!