Eco Friendly Trays!
News / News, 3 Oct 18
Let's celebrate our switch to 100% recyclable packaging, saving tons of plastic waste. From truss tomatoes in cardboard trays to RPET cherry tomato punnets, we're committed to sustainability.

We are pleased to say we have officially swapped out the black plastic trays (we used for our truss tomatoes), which are treated as single-use plastic, to 100% recyclable cardboard. By making this change, we save approximately 10.5 tons of plastic trays going into supermarkets per year!

100% of our packaging is now recyclable! Our cherry tomato punnets are made from RPET plastic, which means they are made from recycled plastic. Cardboard trays and cartons are all compostable. Soft plastics like our cucumber wrap or tomato bags are all recyclable through the soft plastics program, found at your local supermarket.

From our house to yours!

Find out more on soft plastic recycling here...